Royal Television Society Yorkshire Award

The animation I worked on along with Ashley Dean ( won the Royal Television Society, Yorkshire Centre Award for Animation. This was a huge surprise, as I had actually forgotten Ash telling me he had entered the piece for consideration!

Thanks so much to everyone involved with RTS as well as the event for treating us so well, it’s a pleasure to win something so unexpected. Here is Ash and I with the award, adopting our ‘cop roles’ of Detectives Smug & Crackers. You can also view the animation below.


For some images showing how some of the assets were designed, head on over to the set on my Flickr page.

Month of Poster MAYhem

Well, the month of May is finally beaten into submission, and what a month it’s been.

Myself and the other UKPA soldiers organised the INK & PAPER exhibition in London, which I’m pleased to say was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who attended, purchased work, or got involved in the Q&A session we did, as well as all the artists who contributed work or helped out with practical stuff during the exhibition.

You can see some of my photos from the event here.

Then I high-tailed it up to lovely Liverpool where I taught a couple of screenprinting workshops and then took part in SCREENADELICA, which, much like last year, was super busy and great fun.

Rounding off the end of May, I hauled my treasure chest of poster goodies over to Barcelona to take part in FLATSTOCK 34, in conjuction with Primavera Festival. Again, another great experience – thanks to the many other artists I got to share good times with, as well as everyone who came to look at the work, bought stuff, shared beer, or put up with mine (and Drozd’s) particular brand of distressed nonsense.

Finally, in case you needed a reminder — the AoC SHOP is now back online.

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