Fantastic Mr Fox prints go onsale today!

Friends! Just to let you know my remaining Fantastic Mr Fox prints will be going onsale in my shop at 1pm GMT today*:

I have been both humbled and overjoyed at the amount of interest in these prints. As a piece of art, it’s something I’m very proud of and into which I invested a lot of thought and energy in order to try and capture the right mix of Roald Dahl magic, storytelling, and Englishness.

I’m really pleased that this seems to have resonated with so many folks. The prints completely sold out at the exhibition in Chicago and I expect the remaining prints to fly out also — I hope everyone who would like one for their wall can get one, and thanks once again for the very kind support.

* EDIT — this will be a limited number of prints initially, so I can re-stock the shop later in the evening when US and other far away dwelling friends can have a fair chance of picking up a print.

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