Main illustration adapted as tshirt graphic
Early drafts with googly-eyed monster & additional characters

Deer Shed Festival is a family friendly music, arts and science festival set in beautiful North Yorkshire Parkland.

I was approached to create the artwork for use in branding the 7th running of the festival, the theme of which was ‘At The Movies‘. The organisers were keen for the work to have a similar aesthetic to vintage sci-fi and monster movie posters, so it was good fun doing the appropriate research to get the style down.

After coming up with a few thumbnail sketches for different ideas, we settled on a classic ‘monster battle’ composition. This initially featured more of the characters from previous DSF years, however after some further roughs we realised that stripping this back to just the robot and tentacle-monster made for a stronger image.

A handful of versions were created for different applications (Facebook header, social media advertising, etc.) as well a ‘watery’ version with a lot more vertical space underneath to add lineup information. These were all created as digital paintings in Photoshop.

Along with the main festival artwork, I also designed some graphics for use on t-shirts and festival beer cups.

This was a fun project to work on! The overall package gave the festival a very unique, striking, and memorable look and had great feedback from festival-goers as well as the organisers.

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