Fold-out guide to Austin
Sticker Packs provided by Awesome Merchandise
Cover illustration

Issue 4 of UKPA’s Flood was once again designed as a free promotional piece to showcase the work of UK poster artists in attendance at the Flatstock convention, held as part of SXSW Festival in Austin Texas, 2014.

Each issue of Flood is a different size and format, and we wanted this one to be the ‘pocket edition’ and have a vintage 50’s pamphlet feel and aesthetic.

As well as a fold-out guide of Austin recommendations provided by ourselves and contributing friends/artists, this issue also featured the FLATSTOCK I-SPY game, which challenged readers to search out and record iconic imagery regularly used within the visual language of poster art. On returning to the UKPA booth with a completed I-SPY game, players would win a special, limited edition badge and sticker pack.

The I-SPY game provided a greater level of engagement between the readers and the UKPA artists and was a huge success.

I created the full layout and design, as well as the I-SPY icons, cover, map illustrations, and badge design. By working from an initial paper mockup, I was also able to design how the final piece would be folded and even held by the reader.

The stickers were each designed by the four main UKPA artists, and the sticker packs were generously provided by our friends at Awesome Merchandise.

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