Development process (L), and Style Guide excerpt (R)

Hazelnut specialise in stylish yet practical buggy organiser bags for busy mums. I was approached by owners, Zac and Ashley, and worked with them in developing and designing a visual brand identity to tie the business and its products together.

This was a really interesting project to tackle, as I had very little initial knowledge about the market or audience, so undertaking the right amount of research was vital. Helped along by the impressive amount of work Zac had already put into the design brief, I was able to identify a set of visual and aesthetic rules which applied to similar ‘high-end’ brands. This informed my inital design ideas and sketches, which were gradually polished up through a series of feedback sessions.

The final logomark takes the form of a hazelnut shaped crest. It has an almost ‘seal-of-quality’ feel about it and conveys the stylish, up-market tone of voice which goes with the brand.

The acompanying typography is rounded and curvy, to ensure it reads as warm, friendly and playful, as opposed to overly formal.

In keeping with other high end brands, the Hazelnut visuals don’t utilise one strict set of colours, but instead work with a palette of colours which are easily refreshed to fit specific products, product lines, or even seasonal changes and which will also always compliment lifestyle & product imagery, which is a vital aspect of the brand.

Overall, the end result is a warm and memorable identity which represents exactly what the brand is all about and looks fantastic applied to the final product line.

Visit the Hazelnut site over at www.hazelnutstyle.com.

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