Leeds band Jaded Eyes approach me to create a full package of artwork for their debut album, to be released on LP and CD. With the title of Gods and Monsters as a starting point the album art depicts some kind of ancient, powerful being in a dark and otherworldly environment.

The band wanted something really bold and different and were keen for me to steer clear of a more obvious punk/hardcore visual aesthetic. I wanted to reference the feel of old horror and sci-fi video box art with high contrast and lots of texture and spatter. To mark the difference between the brightly illustrated, alien world in which the cover art exists, and the normal earthly world, the internal lyric sheet and band info is black and white and cleanly layed out.

The band and title type is hand-rendered and the predominant use of green ties the band name, vinyl, and artwork together. The final package is bold and eye catching, just the sort of artwork that would jump out when LPs are being flicked through, and the band are really pleased with the end result.

Visit the band’s website here jadedeyes.co.uk and the record can be picked up from Boss Tuneage Records.

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