Initial notes and sketches
Snapshots of the image being created

I was commissioned by Leeds Inspired along with 3 other artists to create a poster design celebrating the 30th year of the Leeds International Film Festival.

The artwork of the commissioned artists was used to create a set of free fold out posters promoting the festival.

The festival director seemed to particularly like my artwork and after some discussion this was rolled out to brand the entire festival. The artwork is featured on the cover of the Festival Guide, as well as on the passes, an on-screen festival ident, and even as part of a very large billboard accross the front of Leeds Town Hall.

I’ve been rather overwhelmed by the positive response to the artwork, with many people saying it really captures something about the magic of film for them. These comments have been a particular highligh for me, as that is exactly what I hoped to capture with the art.

I was drawn to the idea of the screen being like a portal which has the power to not only transport us, as viewers, to other places and into other lives and times, but which can also project ideas, knowledge, and emotions.

To reflect the subjective nature of film, I’ve kept the characters and elements abstract so as not to depict any specific genres or motifs.

The source of the projection – the giant 30th – is not only a reference to LIFF reaching it’s 30th year but is also a visual reference to the golden structure from the classic 20th Century Fox  film ident…. Think of how many times as film fans we’ve seen those little production vignettes. They’ve become totally synonymous with cinema and I thought it would be a great way to communicate that visually with the artwork.

I’m really pleased with this piece of work, and it’s proved highly successful in conveying the spirit of film as well as providing a bold and bright identity for this year’s festival – at the time of adding this piece to the portfolio, this artwork is to be seen absolutely everywhere across Leeds!

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