Once again partnering with animator Ashley Dean, we created some promotional animation work for the Hy Brasil: The Isle is Full of Noises installation at Opera North’s Howard Assembly Rooms.

Hy Brasil is a mysterious, enchanted island, hidden in fog somewhere off the coast of Ireland. It reveals itself to human eye and ear just one day every seven years. This specially commissioned work by sound artist Chris Watson (BBC TV’s award-winning Frozen Planet), brings that day on Hy Brasil to life in an immersive sound installation.

Hy Brasil is composed of compelling wildlife sounds from around the world, drawing visitors deep into the haunting song of seals and the awe-inspiring shrieks of thousands of Manx shearwaters. With glorious ambi-sonic sound and beautiful lighting, lose yourself in the strange and magical world of Hy Brasil.

For this teaser trailer, we didn’t want to reveal too much and instead depicted some of what the journey across the sea to find the hidden island might be like.

All sounds used were recorded by Chris Watson. The installation took place from 28 February to Saturday 15 March 2014. More info can be found here.

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