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Out of Yorkshire is the new online marketplace from the same folk involved with Leeds’ favourite independent cafes, Out of the Woods, specialising in quality produce from local, independent suppliers.

While building the first version of the site, they approached AoC for a little brand development and design assistance. The squirrel logo is developed from the existing Out of the Woods logo, which features a pair of back to back squirrels. In order to create the individual squirrel logo, I made some subtle but important changes to the silhouette, adding a curved point to the tail and tightening up the curves around the feet. Adding just the right amount of minimal polish allows the logo to be effective on its own without moving too far away from the visual tie to the ‘two-squirrels’ logo.

Initially the client wanted the squirrel to have a laptop in order to convey the ‘online shop’ aspect. I made the suggestion of trying the squirrel with a hamper basket as a way to keep the ‘shop’ connection but more effectively convey the local produce aspect of the site. I designed the laptop squirrel as well as an assett which could be used on more traditional marketing materials as a way of saying “visit us online!” Thankfully they were really receptive to the suggestion and loved the new squirrel logo.

We then worked closely together on type treatment and colour choices, trying out a number of combinations. Chris at OoY was fantastic at testing these out with their potential audience by setting up a laptop in the cafe and gathering feedback from their customers – this is a great thing to do when coming up with a new brand and really showed their commitment to quality. Many clients can get so caught up in which designs and colour-schemes they personally prefer, it’s easy to lose sight of the main audience.

On top of the branding fundamentals, I also created a ‘stamp design’ for them to use as a hand crafted finishing touch to their hampers.

Out of Yorkshire were a pleasure to work with; visit them online at www.outofyorkshire.co.uk

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