Myself and fellow members of the UK Poster Association had a small exhibition & selling stall at Green Man Festival in Wales. Part of our involvement is to create posters for some of the acts, and as Public Service Broadcasting were playing this was a good opportunity to create my 3rd limited edition screenprinted poster for the band.

I wanted to keep a similar aesthetic to my previous posters but come up with a new feel and composition. It seemed in keeping with the idea of the ‘summer festival’ (and with the ethos of Green Man Festival specifically) to go with something warm looking, and focus a little less on the cold, vast expanse of space.

So in the end I chose a more intimate little composition of our astronaut characters in a warm looking, almost Mars-like environment, setting up a large satellite dish – which is itself a regularly used symbol for the band.

I hand printed these as a very limited run of 60, signed and numbered and with a select few also kindly signed by J. from the band.

As with the previous posters, these have proved very popular as souvenirs and collector’s items and this particular poster sold out quickly.

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