Initial Sketches

Continuing my series of limited edition, screenprinted posters for Public Service Broadcasting, the band approached me to create a print to commemorate their gig at Brixton Academy, London.

The gig, and the venue itself, is one of significance for the band, so they wanted the actual building to be the main feature of the poster.

This made for an interesting challenge, as I was keen for the poster to fit in with the others in the series which are obviously all space themed. I decided that setting the scene at night would allow the stars to be a reoccuring aspect of the space theme. In addition, I decided to try and depict the building, with it’s classic dome shape, as if it were some sort of giant ship, or satellite, composed with a point-of-view which left the viewer looking upwards so the focal point was naturally drawn up to the stars.

I used a little bit of artistic licence when depicting the building, breaking it down into more simplified, recognisible forms and went with a colour scheme taken from the neon lights of the venue – thankfully the green hues aren’t something that I’ve used in any of the previous posters but still works well together as a set.

All in all, the band and fans were very happy with the artwork and I think it makes for a great memento for the band’s performance. These are A2 sized, 3 colour, and were hand-printed in an edition of 250, signed & numbered. I have a very small number of Artist Proof (AP) copies available in my shop.

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