Business cards and compliment slip

Special Stars Foundation are a registered charity organisation who aim to reduce social isolation and promote positive and engaging social experiences for children with additional needs.

The founders recognised the value of having a strong visual brand to act as the foundation from which to give the organisation the best start, and as such they approached me to design and create their logo and other branding elements.

Creating branding for a children’s charity can be a challenging brief as most brands connected with charities, projects, or enterprises focused on children follow a very recognisable set of rules. This provides an interesting balancing issue – to create a logo which appears fresh and up-to-date while still maintaining some of the widely understood visual identifiers common to logos of this kind.

After spending some time researching other charity branding, creating a mood board, and sketching some initial ideas the final design was chosen and refined. The colours are bright and attractive and the figures of the children are solidly coloured in such a way as to avoid gender/ethnicity inclusivity issues or stereotyping. The whole branding package ‘reads’ clearly to it’s target audience but also comes across as modern, friendly, inclusive and professional.

The client was really pleased with the end result and it’s given them a fantastic starting point for the great work they are doing.

Absolutely perfect for us, we are thrilled. We’ve already had tons of compliments on the design and people asking me who created it for us. Appreciate your excellent communication throughout the process, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you!”

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