I created a short video of the printing process behind my ‘Of Monsters and Men‘ gig poster.  Hopefully this will give a good insight into the screenprinting medium, for those who aren’t aware of the process. You see plenty of designers selling mass-produced digital prints these days, so the desirability of silkscreen prints is ever increasing – they really are amazing to view in person, and the be able to feel the texture of hand-crafted ink on paper. Lovely stuff! Hope you enjoy the video.

The ‘Of Monsters and Men’ gigposter is an edtion of 50 which will be available from the Into the Great Wide Open festival as well as from the Push&Pull site, and from the AoC Shop afterwards.

I have also created an artprint variant with no band text/details, titled ‘White Wastes‘ – this is a very limited edition of only 25. I will be putting a few of these online to sell in September and will announce when they go on sale ahead of time – if you are interested in one, be sure to follow me on Twitter as there has been a lot of interest in this print, and it’s certainly one I’m very pleased with!

Of Monsters and Men concert poster design

Of Monsters and Men screenprinted poster

Screenprinted poster design for Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men‘s appearance at the Into The Great Wide Open Festival; commissioned by Push&Pull who are curating the festival posters.

In the gallery above you can see the process of building the image in Photoshop, the four colour seperations, and my initiall sketch and hand inked lettering.

I’ve designed the poster in such as a way to be able to print a few ‘art print’ variations without any of the text.

I’ll be printing these this week and as always will document the process.

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