Gigs & Graphics – Liverpool May 3 – 7


I’ll have some gigposter work on display as part of GIGS & GRAPHICS, an event taking place alongside Liverpool’s Sound City music festival.

As well as the exhibition, I’ll also be giving a short talk alongside my good friend & UKPA partner Luke Drozd as part of Thursday’s opening night festivities. There’ll be a Q&A and some other cool people presenting ideas and music-related info for the absorption of eager and willing brains.  It should be good fun! If you are nearby please swing on over.

More info available here:




Ink&Paper 2 is the highly anticipated follow-up to our 2012 Ink&Paper exhibition. It is being organised by myself and the other UKPA and will take place in London in early May.

Like the first event, this will be one of the biggest exhibitions of contemporary gigposter art in the UK. We’ve curated an amazing lineup of some of the best UK gigposter art talent and it includes some artists who are a little newer to the medium but no less exciting. It promises to be a great event and I’m very proud to be involved.

Come along to the private view on Friday 6th May and enjoy some complimentary fizzy booze-pops and mingle with many of the artists and doodlers involved!

It will be held at Stour Space gallery and is happening with the generous sponsorship of Awesome Merchandise, Lagunitas Brewing, eFrame, and British Underground.

Hope to see you there!




Bristolians! There will be a positively grand exhibition happening in your city THIS WEEKEND, organised by the UKPA, and hosted by the warm and wonderful folk of Jacknife Studio.

It features work by some of the best gigposter and print artists in the UK today (and a rather special US guest artist) – and even some of my own work to boot. If you were present at the first Ink & Paper exhibition, which was hugely successful, then you’ll know the sort of quality to expect. If you’re around the Bristol area, definitely try and make the trip and enjoy some of the fine hospitality of the Jacknife guys and gals.

See the Facebook event page here.

UKPA / Black Heart Gigposter Gallery Launch & Pop Up Shop

More event news – since not everyone can make it over to LA, this one is for my London friends:

In collaboration with The Black Heart in Camden, UKPA is pleased to announce the launch of its series of ongoing gig poster exhibitions inside the pub. UKPA Gig Poster Gallery will be a permanent exhibition space showcasing the best screenprinted gig poster work the UK has to offer.

The inaugural show will take place on Thursday 29th November and feature 31 selected works by:
Adam Pobiak, Cameron Steward/Twoducksdisco, Craig Robson, Diego Mena, Drew Millward, Gary McGarvey/Horse Design, Graham Pilling/Army of Cats, Luke Drozd, Michael Cowell, Nick Rhodes/Switchopen, Petting Zoo Prints and Collectables, Sean Mort, Telegramme, Tom Lacey & WeThreeClub

The night will also see the launch of the brand new UKPA website, an online resource to keep you up to date with everything the UKPA is organising, as well as information on commissioning and making gig posters and a directory of active UK artists.

This will also be everyones last chance to get down and greasy as the Mother Flipper burger residency at The Black Heart comes to an end. So come for the posters, stay for the burgers!

And if that wasn’t enough, theres a really great show happening just upstairs with Triple Jump Records putting on Dead Rider (ex US Maple – as a warm up to their performance at Shellac’s ATP) with Silent Front, Joeyfat and Stnnng.

UKPA Pop Up Gig Poster Bazaar

Saturday 1st December
At The Black Heart, 2-3 Greenland Place, Camden, NW1 OAP
13.00 – 19.00

For one day only, pop along to the UKPA’s Pop-Up Gig Poster Bazaar! In the surrounds of the Black Heart pub and the new UKPA Gig Poster Gallery, it’s a chance to buy some amazing, limited-edition, screenprinted gig poster work from a selection of the UK’s best poster artists, alongside other artisan wares all at great prices. Bring that folding cash and pick up a bargain just in time for Christmas.

Copyright Article

I’m currently working on a piece of research & writing to address a growing trend in the design and illustration industry – unofficially created posters, prints and apparel based on existing popular intellectual property.


One of the things that has come out of my research so far is that some people aren’t fully aware of this issue, or are assuming it refers to artists copying the work of other artists. So in an attempt to make it a little clearer, I’ll give an example:

David Pencils just graduated design college and is thrust into the world of freelancing. His favourite design blogs often showcase cool looking movie and gig posters which seem to be popular, so he decides to create similar work for his blog and puts together a series of posters based on his favourite films. These generate a lot of interest so he gets a short run of prints made and sells them online. Since he is creating the work himself and in his own style, he assumes this is absolutely fine.”

Now this kind of scenario seems to be happening more and more, and is something that many designers and illustrators can get more than a little angry about. The issue in the above example is that Dave does not have the rights to create derivative works based on someone else’s property. He is infringing copyright and is most certainly open to being legally challenged by the rights owners.

This is frustrating for some designers who go out of their way to ensure they have permission to create licensed work, and feel that those who do not are acting unprofessionally and often getting away with it. On the other side of the coin, some designers believe this is fine.


So, the purposes of my research and article are as follows:

  • Canvass opinions of people involved in the industry (consumers as well as creators) to get a feel for how much is currently understood about copyright issues. Just what are the grey areas? What is the current consensus?
  • Examine the actual laws around copyright and provide an easier to understand breakdown of how they apply.
  • Provide some quotes from well known artists, designers, and industry types giving their take on how to tread professionally or an insight into their own experiences with licensing and copyright.

I plan to create a free resource which will be held on the UK POSTER ASSOCIATION website, as well as do a more in-depth write-up (along with the results of the survey) on this blog.


You can complete the short survey here: and if you would like to contribute a specific quote or experience then please drop me an email to gdpilling AT gmail DOT com.

This is an ongoing project which is fairly time consuming, so I am fitting it in around other work, but I hope to complete it this month.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to complete the survey or contribute to the project so far, as well as all the kind words of encouragement I’ve received; it is all very much appreciated!

Month of Poster MAYhem

Well, the month of May is finally beaten into submission, and what a month it’s been.

Myself and the other UKPA soldiers organised the INK & PAPER exhibition in London, which I’m pleased to say was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who attended, purchased work, or got involved in the Q&A session we did, as well as all the artists who contributed work or helped out with practical stuff during the exhibition.

You can see some of my photos from the event here.

Then I high-tailed it up to lovely Liverpool where I taught a couple of screenprinting workshops and then took part in SCREENADELICA, which, much like last year, was super busy and great fun.

Rounding off the end of May, I hauled my treasure chest of poster goodies over to Barcelona to take part in FLATSTOCK 34, in conjuction with Primavera Festival. Again, another great experience – thanks to the many other artists I got to share good times with, as well as everyone who came to look at the work, bought stuff, shared beer, or put up with mine (and Drozd’s) particular brand of distressed nonsense.

Finally, in case you needed a reminder — the AoC SHOP is now back online.

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