Army of Cats Creative Studio

Welcome to the new site!

I began working on my re-brand last year, tinkering away in the background, trying to solidify my thoughts on how I wanted to present myself and what I do. I’m really glad to be able to finally reveal everything.

The addition of ‘Creative Studio’ to my long-used moniker of ‘Army of Cats’ signifies a change whereby I hope to lessen the delineation between my client work and my personal work.

Deciding to try and be more open has its downsides. Like many thoughtful people, I am anxious about global and societal issues and it can sometimes be incredibly difficult to reconcile how the work I make contributes towards tackling important issues. I don’t simply want to ‘make stuff’ as a distraction.

It’s kind of a work in progress which I’m still trying to figure out. But at the very least, by being more open about my approach to work and life, I hope to promote the importance of ethics, sustainability, and promote ideas and creation as fundamental tools in problem-solving.

And cats. I’m also promoting cats.

I’ve had my studio name for over a decade now but never really gone to town on the cat aspect. So I just decided, why not? I like cats and perhaps you do too.

To that end, there is now Army of Cats merchandise!

If you like what I do and want to support my work, please consider picking something up. Everything’s cheaper while the pre-order is open.

Cheers and thanks for looking.

Army of Cats Creative Studio Merchandise