The Little Matchgirl and Other Happier Tales

Shakespear’s Globe Theatre hired me to create an animated trailer for their production of The Little Matchgirl and Other Happier Tales directed by Emma Rice.

The scope of the project was such that I knew I needed to hire in some talent to help me deliver the final thing, so I joined forces with my friend – animator, funnyman, and all-round genius – Greig Johnson.

Together we devised a treatment for the animated short, coming up with a look and animation style which fit the feel of the project.

I then designed and composed the scenes, and Greig set about animating them.  Let me say a few words about his amazing work — give it a watch and pay attention to how well action is synced to the beats of the music, and how motion has a delightful realistic little ‘bounce’ to it, and how little extra sound effects just help bring it to life. The man knows his chops.

This was a joy to create and we’re both very proud of the work. The Globe were so pleased they further commissioned me to extend the artwork into a poster to advertise the production.